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In Search Of Next Opportunity

It is almost the end of my first Outreachy internship and I am looking for another internship or apprenticeship position. I have developed some interest and skills on React and I would like to contribute to front end development. My skills are Python, Javascript, React, HTML and CSS. I would like to learn more advanced React and git concepts like branch merging, stash, git rebase and Mongo DB.

This Outreachy internship is my very first remote work. I don’t know if I have the required interpersonal skills to collaborate with team members. I have never worked in the office environment, but I am sure I have some of the required skills. I think I have learned a lot of these skills while bringing up my two kids.   

I have learned empathy the hard way with my kids. Though I have been living in the US last twenty years, I have not fully adapted to the local culture, while my kids seemed to have fully embraced. I have learned to be open-minded and adapt to new ideas and values. For the last ten years, I have been taking one or other classes at the local community colleges, which gave me skills to understand kids’ perspectives and the conflicts they go through while growing up. I think I am a better listener to my kids and empathize with them more easily than before. Having motivated myself into continuous learning beginning with ESL(English as a Second Language) classes nearly ten years ago, I think I have the motivation and perseverance to be a software developer.  

My mother-tongue is Telugu, a south Indian language and I have learned to speak and write the English language after coming to this country.  I also know the Hindi language enough to talk and understand. I can understand another south Indian language Tamil but I can’t converse easily.  

My hobbies are cooking and vegetable gardening. I have learned to creatively use the produce from my garden in daily cooking. Gardening taught me many things such as controlling pests without using chemicals, attracting good bugs with some native plants and learning to compost. Since I started growing my veggies I have developed sympathy towards farmers in general. 

Right now I am living in San Jose, California. I am willing to work anywhere within the San Francisco bay-area and I am not able to move out of this region. As I am a citizen, I am open to being a self-employed contractor. Looking for another internship or apprenticeship position after the first week of March 2020. I am willing to take up either a part-time or full-time position including working remotely.


Published by Lalitha

Currently, an Outreachy (Round 19) intern with Wikipedia's Wiki Education Dashboard project on "Converting Campaign Pages to React". Perseverance has been my strength throughout my life from raising a family to growing an organic vegetable garden using sustainable practices, cooking creative healthy recipes at home, to finally resuming my education and graduating as a Software Engineer. Hobbies: Organic Vegetable Gardening, Composting, Creative Healthy Recipes.

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