Come on Board! Open source Outreachy Platform.

Outreachy software projects are for people who are underrepresented and this organization encourages them by providing three-month paid internships for those who meet the requirements. 

All projects in the Outreachy are open source projects, and their experienced mentors work with interns. These internships help interns with many skills that provide them with job opportunities in the tech industry. As a result of this more underrepresented people can participate and become financially independent. 

My project is “Convert all the Campaign and Program pages to React”. This allows me to use React which is the JavaScript library. I have developed a liking to React recently. As part of this project, the current architecture is being changed into a single-page architecture. React allows the usage of single-page applications. React creates an in-memory data structure cache which computes the changes made and then updates the browser. As a result of this project, the user experience on the Wiki Education dashboard will be much better with efficient navigation between tabs as the data is stored in the tabs after the initial render.

I feel very fortunate and proud to be contributing to the Wiki Education dashboard project because this is open to everyone around the world who wants to learn or teach. As my project is part of the Wiki Education dashboard, it has been exciting to work every day thinking that I am part of the solution to educate people who are interested in learning and those who want to share their learning. 

In the past month, I have learned Redux architecture to store data and use it in the React components. I also learned Ruby on Rails and haml files as this is required to convert haml files to React. 

Creating the data in the JSON file was quite challenging because the code uses Ruby on Rails and haml, which I did not have a good understanding before. I spent nearly two weeks to understand and then implement successfully.   

Published by Lalitha

Currently, an Outreachy (Round 19) intern with Wikipedia's Wiki Education Dashboard project on "Converting Campaign Pages to React". Perseverance has been my strength throughout my life from raising a family to growing an organic vegetable garden using sustainable practices, cooking creative healthy recipes at home, to finally resuming my education and graduating as a Software Engineer. Hobbies: Organic Vegetable Gardening, Composting, Creative Healthy Recipes.

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